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Discover What God Is Already Doing

"Prevenience is the conviction that God has been working diligently, redemptively, and strategically before I appeared on the scene, before I was aware there was something for me to do here... Like one who walks in late to a meeting, I am entering a complex situation in which God has already said decisive words and acted in decisive ways. My work is not necessarily to announce that but to discover what He is doing and live appropriately with it." -Eugene Peterson, The Contemplative Pastor
Before you walk out of the house, make this your prayer for today, "God, as I meet with others today, help me to listen. Help me to listen for and hear the threads of Your working in their lives, Your presence, Your grace. Help me to point them to what You have already been doing, and enable us together to discern what the next steps might be. Thank You that You don't wait for me to show up before working in someone's life! And thank You for letting me play a small role in what You are doing in others' lives, and for allowing me to see, on a daily basis, as part of my vocation, redemption in action."

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