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5 Questions Donors Will Ask

1. Why should we choose to donate to your organization?

You can only answer this question if you’ve listened to your audiences and understand their priorities. Then you can answer this question by explaining why your organization is relevant to the values of your audience and what wonderful change will happen when they give. Do that with one very good story.

2. What makes your organization different?

With 1.8 million nonprofits in the US alone, this is a question we MUST answer. But don’t answer it by denigrating competitors. Picture a Venn diagram with an overlap between three circles: what you’re great at, what no one else does, and what your audience cares about MOST. Your answer is the intersection between the three circles.

3. What experience do you have?

The answer to this question is through great storytelling. Talk about the amazing changes you’ve made in the world - and then get a third party offering ringing endorsement. Better to get others - not just you - pointing to your track record of transformed lives.

4. We aren’t interested, why should we pay attention to you?

If I were with a major donor and they said that, I’d thank them for managing my expectations and ask them about what they do care about. It never hurts to listen to someone. Then you know if you ever have a program they might want to support.

5. Why is your overhead so high?

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