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22 Keys To Great Ministry Meetings

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Not having an agenda/outline 
  • Doing all of the talking
  • Cutting people off
  • Not taking notes
  • Taking notes that everyone can’t see
  • Not asking questions
  • Assuming consensus
  • Creating an antagonistic environment
  • Assuming anyone will do anything with what has been said
Here are a few things highly recommended:

  • Pray first
  • Use a whiteboard—the bigger the better
  • Record it
  • Let people get up and move around
  • Stress transparency
  • Only use a digital medium if it really communicates a point more clearly
  • Ask qualifying questions
  • Bring lunch in
  • Take short breaks
  • View discussions through different perspectives
  • Take pictures of the whiteboard before erasing
  • Task someone to send a follow-up summary
  • Establish next-steps and assign specific tasks to specific people

What would you add?


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