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How To Love Your Volunteers

Your volunteers are precious.  They give generously of their time and energy.  They are the backbone of the church and it's mission.  Therefore it's important to show your love and appreciation toward those who serve. Here are four practical, yet simple ways to do that:

Visit them: Go to them in their ministry area on Sunday morning or visit them during the time when they are serving, and genuinely thank them for serving.

Call them: Call your volunteers periodically, not to ask them for something, but rather to see how they are doing and to pray for them.  Build relationship with them.

Pray for them: Pray for them and with them. Don't just say you'll pray - do it right then.

Ask them: Ask them what do they need from you to succeed.  Find out from them how to better improve their ministry area - they are in the trenches - your volunteers often know best how things work.


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