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Five Things To Consider Before Leaving Your Church

1. Don’t leave a church out of your personal discontent - can the issues be worked through?  Try to resolve before you run.

2. Don’t leave a church because you transferred your own personal frustrations and baggage there. Maybe the issues aren't the church, perhaps they are you.  And no matter what church you run to, you will always be taking YOU along.

3. Don’t leave a church because your feelings got hurt. We are always going to get hurt and hurt others - especially when we get close to each other.  It takes courage to work through the hurt and pain.  You will grow when you confront asking and receiving forgiveness from others.

4. Don’t leave a church over trivial criticisms and issues.  Is the issue that you are worked up about a secondary issue or merely an opinion or preference?  If you keep leaving churches over trivial issues - the cycle of church hopping will never end.

5. Avoid leaving a church merely over its style.  Church should be a family - a relationship that shouldn't be easily discarded.  Styles come and go and can easily change - it's much harder to replace the relational investments of your church family.


I joined a chuch I fell in love with at first service and left in 13 months. It was not an easy decision and I agonized over it for 6 months before leaving. I have read over all the posts and I know the decision to leave a church is usually not an overnight one. May God give us peace as we try to find the place where we will feel most comfortable. Amen

Those would also apply to reasons not to change pastors. I have seen churches do so for such reasons.

yes, it is a shame we act so capaciously.

Great keys! For more understanding on this subject, check out the world-acclaimed author on loyalty, Dag Heward-Mills' "Those Who Leave You". God bless :)

GREAT stuff here! You really have distilled this issue down to some core principals. I do believe people want things too easy; we are more than a bit spoiled. We don't want to work at it, we just want it to be perfect or else we'll move on.

find a place where you can grow spiritually and where your spiritual gifts can be developed without any intimidation from the leaders of the church..

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