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4 Ways To Show Outsiders You Care

(excerpted from a great post over at Missional Challenge)

1. Serve
How can you meet genuine needs? Can you offer to babysit your neighbor's kids? Can you help your neighbor with a home-improvement project? Find out a need in their life right now - and offer to help meet that need. (If you don't know what they might need - Ask them!)

2. Time
How could you give someone the gift of time? People are busy. You probably need more time in your day. Think of ways to give someone more time. Offer to pick up there kids and give them a ride home from practice or school. Offer to let someone go in front of you the next time you are standing in line at Starbucks or the grocery store. That's a gift of time. Give up a close parking spot to someone so that they don't have to walk as far - especially if it's someone that you know.

3. Affirmation
Encourage others. Send an encouraging note, email, or text message. Tell them something you appreciate about them. Acknowledge their efforts. Celebrate their progress. Affirm their kids. These things are always encouraging. Give them the gift of your affirming words.

4. Gifts - read the whole post at MissionalChallenge


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