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Turn Your Contact Card Into A QR Code

Some of you may be asking, what are QR codes? QR codes have been all the rage this year for big brands and media outlets.  You see them printed in magazines, in newspapers, flyers and on website.  QR codes turn a webpage url, phone number, or email address from a printed page or computer screen into a scanable code that allows you to view that information on your cell phone and therefore making it actionable.  The beauty of the QR code is that instead of typing a long url or contact information into your smartphone, you can simply scan the QR code using your phone's camera - now its as easy as a click of a button.  (you can find QR readers by searching smartphone's app store)

Now there is a new app that takes all of a person's contact information, name, phone number, website, email, bio, and social media and turns it into one scanable QR code.  That new app is called JumpScan.  JumpScan lets users create customized QR codes that combine all your contact information for on-the-go sharing.  See how I used the JumpScan QR code on my ministry webpage HERE.  Also you can have friends or business contacts scan your QR code from your phone therefore transferring to their phone your contact information - it's like an electronic business card!

When someone scans your QR, it takes them to an easily viewpage webpage seen below.  Here you can email, call or even download their entire information as a Vcard.

Go to - sign up it's free and get started using QR codes.


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