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Don't Monkey Around With Your Email Communication! (Actually Do!)

A couple of weeks ago I was helping to teach a Social Media and Ministry workshop, and during our discussion of email marketing and communication, someone suggested MailChimp.  Up to then, I had been using another email marketing service and hadn't given MailChimp much thought.  But then a couple of days later I was talking to someone I respect in the IT space and he was raving about MailChimp - needless to say my curiosity was peaked, and I had to give it a try.  I am sold!

Here are a couple of reasons why:

1. MailChimp application for iPhone (hoping for an Android one soon) - mobile access is essential.
2. Social Media integration such as letting your readers 'like' your campaigns from their inbox, and auto posting your email campaigns directly to your Facebook page or to your Twitter stream.
3. User friendly web based interface - it is so easy to use
4. Extremely easy to use autoresponder and attractive templates right out of the box
5. Widgets such as Rapportive widget (don't know what that is, then you need to check it out!) and their Adobe Air app called "Chimpadeedee" which allows you to sign up people to your list from a computer run kiosk.
6. Free for under 500 subscribers, pay as you use is available - which is great if you have a small ministry/church
7. Integrated with Google analytics.
8. The upshot is that MailChimp has a lot of cool bells and whistles, and is continuing to innovate into the mobile arena, with social media and is increasing it's power and reach through integration with other like minded applications.

Because I have become such a fan of MailChimp, I have donated some of my ad space on the sidebar to showcase them for the next 60 days - so let it be clear, this post was not ad sponsored - I have merely become a raving fan of MailChimp!  You need to give it a try.


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