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Churches Are Still So 20th Century!

A just released National study by BuzzPlant, a leading internet marketing firm focusing on the faith-based market segment, shows that churches across America are not taking advantage of the social networking phenomena that has revolutionized interpersonal communications in the 21st Century.
"Thousands of churches are not walking through the unprecedented number of open doors social networking has provided them...To not be proactive in wireless communications today is to not be communicating" says Bob Hutchins, Owner of BuzzPlant,  
The BuzzPlant Study entitled, "How Do People of Faith Use Social Media?", surveyed churches across the country exploring their levels of involvement in the social media explosion which is not only becoming a marketing powerhouse but the point of connectivity between people of all generations. The study showed that while almost half of surveyed churches have some sort of social media presence, such as on Facebook, the vast majority use it poorly or are not committed to maximizing the effectiveness it offers the church to connect with its members and promote the connectedness that people need and are increasingly turning to social networking to satisfy.  Here are some of the statistics:

62% of churches have their sermons on a website or do a pod-cast
28% of the churches surveyed post a blog by their pastor
32% use social media to get feedback from the membership
25% always use social media in the promotion of special church events and activities.

Also the study shows that the larger the church, the more likely it is to use social media to stay connected with its members.

You can download the entire study HERE.

How is your church or ministry using social media?  Or is it?


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