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Making Ideas Happen

Over at Tim Schraeder's blog, he has a great review of Scott Belsky's book, Making Ideas Happen.

Here is an excerpt:

In his new book Making Ideas Happen, Scott Belsky, CEO of Behance, argues that ideas are worthless if you can’t make them happen and offers this simple equation…

Making Ideas Happen = The Idea + Organization and Execution + Forces of Community + Leadership Capability

The Idea
The era upon us is filled with problems and opportunities that require fresh innovation like never before. We need to conceive new ideas to address the problems and opportunities that surround us – and we need to defy the odds and make these ideas happen.
Ideas are in no short supply. In fact, I think most of us are plagued with too many of them! The process of innovating and creating is birthed with a single idea… a new way of doing something or a better way to do something else.

In today’s Church, we need new ideas and insights to better reach and impact our communities with the Gospel. However plentiful our ideas may be, unless we act on them we’ll still keep doing what we’ve always done and fail to innovate new ways to make a difference in people’s lives.

Organization and Execution
Creative professionals – defined as those who generate (and sometimes execute) ideas for a living – constitute what is most likely the most disorganized community on the planet. But these same individuals are ultimately responsible for the design, entertainment, literature, and new businesses that bring meaning to our lives.
If you’re at all a creative-type, like me, you probably live your life with a certain degree of chaos and disorganization. We somehow equate clutter with creativity, but this book slapped me the face to bring order to the chaos.

It’s only when you are organized that you are fully prepared to effectively execute.

(read the rest over at Tim's blog)


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