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The Joy Of Making Word Clouds

If you are not familiar with what a word cloud (or tag cloud)  is, it's a visible depiction of a set of words and text, with the size of the words being delineated by their frequency.

These word clouds can be a great illustration tool for bible study, especially when you want to emphasize the frequency of the words within a Bible passage.  Also, because they can be done in customized shapes, they also can become beautiful works of art.

There is a new tool online called, curently in beta, which is an excellent tool in accomplishing the word cloud effect.

The example of the "JOY" word cloud is one that I created.  I created it by importing Philippians, chapter 1 into the editor. (since the letter of Philippians is about joy).

You can customize the shape, style, appearance and content of the cloud.  This is an excellent tool, and now is the time to try it while it is still in beta and all of the features are available for free. (once it goes out of beta, it will reserve some of the features to a PRO paid edition - but it says that much of the functionality of the program will still be available for free).

For another example of creating word clouds, visit my blog, ProvocativeChurch.


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