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Do Christians Have An Original Bone In Their Body?

Read this on Phil Cooke's blog a while back,
"Filmmaker Jesse Bryan, media producer at Mars Hill Church in Seattle sent me this interesting article from USA Today. The question is the $4.6 billion dollars in Christian merchandizing - most of it rip offs from the outside culture. As the paper says,"American retailers sell about $4.6 billion worth of Christian products annually, and some are spoofs or spinoffs of commercial logos or brand names. Many such goods are illegal, trademark attorneys say, but companies often are unaware their names are being copied or don't put up a fight for fear of being labeled anti-faith."
We wonder why Christians don't make more of an impact in the culture, when so little of what we do is really original and innovative. When it's easier to copy ideas from the non-believing culture, what attraction is that for them to consider our perspective on faith?"
We worship a God who is infinitely and wondrously creative - who created all that is in the world, with all of it's variety and beauty.  Then why can't the people of God reflect that creativity rather than merely rip off, copy and make pale imitations from the culture around us?


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