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6 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Social Media

If you have been an avid reader of Ministry Best Practices, you know that I am a big social media advocate...but for some of you, social media may not be for you. If you don't have the proper expectations and the issues thought through, then you should avoid social media at all costs.

You should avoid social media if...

1.  You like control - Social Medial is messy.  With Social Media you are inviting participation and collaboration.  If you like to control the message and the medium, then stay far away from it. (see Related Post)

2.  You have no clear purpose or goals in doing it - Getting involved with Social Media, just because "everybody is doing it", won't keep your church and ministry engaged with it for the long haul.  After the newness wears off, you will need to have clear goals and measurable outcomes to keep your ministry persevering with it.

3.  You have no clear owner - Your Social Media outposts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) don't run themselves.  If you don't have a clear owner(s) over it, it will never happen and your Social Media outlets will look like unused wastelands.

4.  You think that it going to be the answer to all your problems - Social Media will enhance your engagement with your church or ministry, but it doesn't solve all your ministry's problems.

5.  You think that it will happen quickly - Nope, just like real relationships, Social Media requires time and investment.  It will take time to develop your Social Media presence, it won't happen over night.

6.  You don't think about the content - If you don't have any meaningful content to offer, then save your energy.  Content is king!


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