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Being The Church - Online

"When we [first started this], we were blown away at how people could actually worship along and have genuine community and connect in a very spiritual and very real way with an online church. … We've got people who may be exploring Christianity for the first time and who may not set foot in a physical church building, and we would like to clearly communicate the truth of the Bible in a way that people would understand. That's the top priority for us. Beyond that, we find that people will worship. Often a whole family will gather around the computer, and they'll sing and they'll worship together. Or if someone's travelling, they can stay connected to the church that way. They can invite a friend who might not come to church otherwise. … So it's a tool to help. Instead of trying to get people to come to a church, we feel like we can take a church to them." Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel, explaining the vision behind his church pioneering the way for online churches—and how these virtual communities are anything but merely virtual.



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