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5 Objectives Of Using Social Media

You may be working or volunteering at a church thinking about finally taking the plunge into social media.  Now what?

The first thing you should do as you begin this new venture is to be very clear about your objectives, If you don't the "gee-whiz" factor will quickly wear off and your venture into social media will be short lived.

In my experience, I think that there are five general objectives that can be pursued in the use of any social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc...)

1. Listening.  Social Media is a conversation.  As people participate you will have the opportunity to learn and benefit from those takeaways. 

2. Talking. Use Social Media as an opportunity to double down on your communication regarding your church's vision or communicate opportunities to serve.  There is so much noise in our culture, so it doesn't hurt to have another conduit to communicate.

3. Energizing.  This is similar to talking, but the objective here is to mobilize and empower the champions and connectors in the church to be the fuel of the ministry. 

4. Supporting.  Through Social Media, your church can provide others the tools and  resources they need for spiritual growth.

5. Connecting.  The objective of Social Media is to connect people together, to have them talk to one another.  So your role is to act as a facilitator to help those in your church engage and come together toward a common mission and objectives.


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