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What Belongs In A Good Story?

To many churches and ministries want to seem smart and on top of things when we communicate, so we load our stories with facts and data. But too much kills the heart of a story - it's emotion.

Mark Rovner of SeaChange discussing storytelling during his talk at the Network for Good said that "too many facts and too much data in your stories are the equivalent of emotional Novocain."

So what belongs in a story? According to Mark, Character, desire and conflict.
The character is the protagonist. Who is the main character? It needs to be a person, not your organization. A good protagonist is human, attractive, funny, good-hearted and up against a serious challenge.

Desire is what the character wants and pursues.

Conflict is the active opposition to the protagonist achieving his/her goals. Conflict is very important: You need high stakes, long odds and maybe even a villain.
Read more about Mark's thoughts from Katya's blog.

How are you doing on storytelling? Here’s a checklist: Try it out!

(ht: Katya's Non-Profit Marketing Blog)


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