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Optimize Your Website For FREE

Want to make sure your webpage does the best possible job in motivating it's visitors to take your desired actions such as submitting a donation or signing up for membership? Not sure how different web page headlines, graphics and copy compare to each other? Now you don't have to guess. Google has recently released a new product: a FREE testing tool called Website Optimizer.

Website Optimizer measures your conversion ratio. Your conversion ration is the number of people doing your desired action divided by total number of website visitors. Obviously, the higher this number, the better is your website doing its job. Most non-profit websites have very dismal conversion ratios (fractions of 1 percent).

Now any blogger, webmaster, church or ministry who wants to know how the pages on their site perform in terms of conversion, can now do so with the help of Google.

For detailed instructions on how to get started check out Wild Apricot's blog post HERE


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