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How To Write Emails That Get Read

I hate to receive those emails that go longer than a novel and that look like one long ongoing sentence. Most often emails should be kept short and sweet.

And yet sometimes your church or ministry can't keep an email short due to some important information that needs to be immediately communicated. So how do you write a long email that will be read by your church?

Make sure the subject line grabs the reader - Make sure you think about the subject line first, it's the most important item in your email. In just 30-50 characters of the subject line you need to get across why they need to open and read your email.

Use Subheads - Getting the attention of your readers using subheads is always a great idea. It breaks up your thoughts and gets to the heart of what you're trying to communicate while letting them do the necessary skimming.

Make sure you Communicate in Small Chunks - It is important to get to your point fast in small succinct paragraphs. Plus writing in small chunks creates more white space and therefore makes your email more readable.

Use Bullets - Bullets break up points or benefits so that your readers can get your information quickly by scanning. This is a very popular copywriting tactic for email and the web in general.

Write Like You Speak - When you are talking to a person at church, you don't speak in long boring sentences. You are probably concise and conversational. The same should be true of your email.


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