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Guaranteed Way To Fail At E-Newsletters

Does your church publish a e-newsletter? If they do, perhaps they send out one every month. How much of it do you think gets read?

Jeff Brooks has a good point to make at his blog - "DonorPowerBlog"

How to create a failing e-newsletter
Here's a great way to create an e-newsletter that nobody will read or respond to: Think of it as the July e-newsletter.

The moment you designate an e-newsletter by the time when it's to be sent out, you are off on the wrong foot. Instead, you should designate it by an event or action: Hurricane newsletter, opening night newsletter, food shortage newsletter.

Then, with that set, give your recipients a handful of actions related to the topic. Like find out more. Give to that fund. Buy something. Sign a petition, play a game.

That's a newsletter that will sing -- as in motivate action. - Read the rest HERE
I agree with Jeff on this point. Too often I have seen church newsletters that are just filled with endless stuff, events and ministry announcements. It is so cluttered and overwhelming that I am motivated to do nothing, except throw it in the trash after I've skimmed it.

E-newsletters (and newsletters for that matter) need to have focus. Keep it simple. Make the call to action precise and clear. Think seriously of doing away with your "monthly" newsletter.


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