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The Ask

Movie Mondays has created a great little video that is short and to the point. This week's focus is "The Ask."

For many, asking a person to financially contribute to the church/missions trip/capital campaign/cause/ministry is the most stressful part of the fund development process. Sending mail is easy. Going to lunch is easy. Telling a donor and ministry partner how we used their last gift is easy. But asking for the next gift (or even the first gift) - that is often times not so easy.

Once the ask is made, we sometimes have a tendency to immediately start back peddling or we just keep on talking. DON'T. Just sit and be quiet. Certainly those few seconds of silence may seem like an eternity, but that short silence is the most critical point in the conversation.

Make sure you check out this video! (The video will be online for a short period of time from this posting..beyond that time, archived videos can only be accessed through a paid membership)


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