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3 Laws Of Fundraising

Jeff Brooks has another great article in Fundraising Success Magazine.

In the article he outlines three important laws of fundraising that ministries and nonprofits must follow if they want to be a success.

Having helped to craft fundraising letters for everything from general ministry asks, church capital campaigns and mission trips - I can tell you from experience these tips are not to be ignored.

The first law
There’s a clear inverse correlation between the complexity of a message and its effectiveness at motivating people. In layman’s terms, the more you say, the less people listen.

The second law
Self-focused communication is an ineffective way to attract people and might make you come across as boring, clueless, creepy — or all three.

The third law
This final law helps us understand how to avoid running afoul of the other two: The more people involved in creating, revising and polishing a fundraising message, the more complex and self-focused it will be. Or as grandma might have said, too many cooks spoil the broth.

-Make sure you click HERE to read the article in FULL

(ht: Fundraising Success Mag)


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