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Social Media Class


If you are in the Atlanta area, and you have a small business or lead a non-profit organization - then this class is something you'll want to attend.

On Saturday, July 11th, I am teaching a class on how to use and integrate Social Media with small business (what I'm teaching is equally applicable to non-profit organizations as well).

Here is the description of the class:

Social Media isn’t just a fun diversion for teenagers and the tech savvy.

Today Social Media is the way businesses are creating and connecting with clients and customers. It is through Social Media that you will be able to build and control your business’s brand and create greater customer loyalty.

Social Media is the great leveler – you don’t need a big advertising budget, or a big sales force to make a significant impact in creating new business and customers.

My own personal experience with Social Media, especially Twitter, has been nothing short of phenomenal. Through Social Media and Twitter, I’ve been able to increase the subscription readership to my website by 300%, daily hits to my website have tripled, and I have currently have over 5,000 followers on Twitter (that’s 5,000 people who want to read what I have to say!)

During our time together we will learn and implement:
  • Using Twitter: You will get a Twitter Account and learn how to use and leverage this tool to it’s fullness by building a strong base of followers
  • We will help you brand your own personal twitter page.
  • You’ll learn and understand why building your own Twitter landing page for your website is critical to grow your business
  • You’ll discover the best in Twitter tools to automate your Twitter – providing current and relevant content daily
  • Through Twitter, you’ll discover new customers and what your competition is doing
  • I will show you how to create raving fans and build customer loyalty through Twitter and Facebook
  • Also, you’ll build a custom Facebook page and learn how to use Facebook to communicate and connect with your customers
Sign Up Today! To attend, or needing more information, you'll need to contact Diane Campbell, the sponsor of this class. You can call her at: 770-886-9598 or email her at: - there is a nominal cost for this class and lunch is included.


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