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Social Media By The Numbers

Just read Shaun King's post about his church's use of social media and the internet. Here are some of the numbers he shares.

Here a few numbers behind how Courageous Church has used new(er) strategies to reach new people.

- Of the 700 people in attendance @ our church grand opening on January 11th, over 65% of them learned of us online.

- Over 50% of our weekly 1st time visitors learn about our church from Facebook or Twitter.

- About 50% of our financial giving takes place online.

- Our Facebook ads have been shown a total of 26 million times. Yes. I’m serious and we rounded down :-)

- A very low ball estimate for the cost of a mass mailer to 26 million people would be $400,000.

- Our Facebook ads (which are numerous, targeted, current, etc.) cost us $8,000

These social networks and tools aren't the only place where your church or ministry can communicate and reach out to your target audience. But if you are not using them or engaging in social media - YOU ARE MISSING A LOT!


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