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The Problem With Vision

Was reading Shawn Lovejoy's blog the other day, and he said that the problem with vision is that:
  • Vision leaks.
  • Vision shrinks.
  • Vision dies.

Yet the problem with most leaders isn't receiving a vision from God. There are plenty of visions out there in statements, on placards and posted in churches. The issue for a vision doesn't come down to receiving it, rather it's becomes all about maintaining it. Shawn goes on to state that there are several reasons why vision seems to leak, shrink and die:

  • Fatigue
  • Failure
  • Fear
  • Other people
  • The length of time the vision is taking to become reality
The question for the leader is how do you fight and battle against these things that will rob you of your vision?

(ht: Shawn Lovejoy)


Thanks certainly in this case I am passing on something good that I read onto you..

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