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And You Think You Have It Bad

I just read from Gizmodo that the Canon Corporation in Japan might be just the worse place to work in the world. Here is what Gizmodo has to say...

"The president of Canon Electronics, Hisashi Sakamaki, is also the author of a book proposing the removal of all the chairs in the office and installing security so that an alarm goes off if you don't walk fast enough. These are some of the same measures he takes with his own company. His theory is that forcing employees to stand not only saves money but increases productivity and enhances employee relationships. In the hallway, if an employee walks slower than 5 meters every 3.6 seconds, an alarm and flashing lights are set off, reminding the poor startled worker that he's an inefficient waste of air. Even better (or worse), there's a sign on the floor in said hallways that reads, "Let's rush: If we don't, the company and world will perish." The big boss, as a reward for thinking up all this stuff, gets to lounge in a nice, relaxing chair."
Now of course no church or ministry would deliberately create these kind of workplace conditions. But are there more subtle rules, decisions, environments and cultures that the church creates that are just as insidious and that destroy staff morale and motivation? Here are some examples:

1. Give the staff a job description during the staff's interview, and then significantly change it (or add to it) once they start their job.

2. Do not bother mentoring the staff or investing in their personal or professional development.

3. Ask the staff to bring about innovation and change, but do not allow them to do anything different.

4. Give the staff responsibility, but do not give them the authority to accomplish those things.

5. Reject their ideas, tell them how to do it, and when it does not work … blame them.

What are some of your thoughts?


I totally agree. These leaders fit into my post about the 9 Bad Bosses I've had.

When did this site become "Ministry Worst Practices"? :D

1. Delegate and then take it away and redelgate without telling.

2. Delegate a small group and then the leader starts his/her own small group forcing people to choose -- you loose.

3. Tell me to step aside so that another volunteer can fill that position in an attempt to keep that volunteer from leaving the church.

I left.


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