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When Everything Is BOLD, Nothing Is!

Barton Damer on his blog, Already Been Chewed, made an interesting comment about the world of design,

"How is it that some things stand out and others blend right in? In order for BOLD to stand out, it must be different than the rest. If everything is bold, nothing is bold. When you think about design and what stands out, it’s often something that is different. Could be complex, could be less is more. It’s all relative. If everyone resorts to simplicity, eventually complexity will be what stands out. When overly complex designs are everywhere, all of the sudden, simplicity stands out."
Barton is talking about contrast and in the church, more often than not, simplicity is the contrast to much of the church's complexity and choices. There is a church in our community that boasts, "162 programs to serve you and your family". That is too much BOLD!

How many times do you open up a church bulletin on Sunday morning and see every ministry and every event showcased in it. That is too much BOLD!

If your church or ministry is communicating all the time in BOLD - everything will blend together. If your church says that everything is "important" than all people end up actually understanding is that "nothing" is important.

You think that you are communicating a colorful mosaic of variety and choice but in effect you're ministry looks more monochromatic.

(read Rainer's book, Simple Church, that provides a complete discussion on how to create simplicity within the church)

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