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I'm all for the church using Twitter, but I'm against it in the service. Much like giving people opportunities with an open mic, live twitter makes it impossible to control some of the messages being presented to the congregation.

Great thoughts, of course feel free to check out my thoughts to this issue here:

Outside of a service: great communications tool. During teaching, not so much. My thought processes don't handle multitasking that well, and the distraction would make me miss much of the message. For me, discussion is for small groups, live or virtual. And I'd have no use for tweeting during worship.

Question: are you in the pew or behind the Pulpit, visibly Tweeting in front of the congregation?

Question: How is tweeting during worship different from chatting to others in the pews during worship?

Personally, I like a VERY traditional liturgy, and I don't want to water it down to appeal to the young and liberal. But twittering and texting in church is a relaxation of tradition that does not compromise the integrity of the Word or the practice of the Spirit. I think of it as public note-taking, testimony and prayer. It might also be a fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Many people are silent in church because of fear. They don't interact or ask questions. Tweeting gives them the opportunity to engage, interact and even open up when they may not feel comfortable via the traditional methods. Not only that, many church goers have friends (followers) that aren't. Tweeting during service allows church goers to share the gospel, excitement and testimonies of something that is happening live. Finally, it gives me the opportunity to post a quote, thought or revelation in real time. You never know who is following that needs the prophetic word at that moment. It could be the difference between life or death. Also, when I forget my pen and journal, I can tweet my notes to my Evernote account to review later.

Thats on a question that sould be up for votes. Gods house is a place of worship and praise not tweeting.
Maybe you should ask the Lord that question and seek his answer.
Twitter is an awsome place to socialize with people and speak about the Lord but not during service.

Correction: Thats not a question that should be up for votes. Gods hous is a place of worship and praise not tweeting during service.
Maybe you should ask the Lord that question and seek his answer.
Twitter is an awsome place to socialize with people and speak about the Lord but not during service.

If you read my post: you will discover that I have serious concerns about churches integrating Twitter into the worship service..or course Twitter has an excellent place in other venues within the church. But it is a good question to ask in order to get a sense of the pulse of the church and their views of Twitter and worship.

How is note taking any less distracting from worship than tweeting? Tweeting is simply a more technical form of taking notes. There is a great article dealing with this very issue that was just released today, check it out:

Twittering is more than just taking some is about engaging in a conversation...Twittering in the church involves Tweeting..reading Tweets and responding to them again...

Thanks for the link..i'll be taking a lot at it...and thanks for your comments..this technology is very new and I don't think the verdict is out on how it will best serve and be used within the church.

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