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Message FAIL!

What is the shelf life of your message???

Your church puts a lot of time and energy in communicating it's message...but the ability to keep your message current, relevant and fresh depends on HOW you communicate.

Put up a church's shelf life is as long as next day's weather. :-)

Put your church's event calendar on a website with no one managing it...and your church looks only as relevant as the last event posted on it. It is sad to see church websites with the latest calendar events dating back to looks like the church closed up shop and went home.

Send out an email blast to your congregation and it is only as effective in proportion to the size of the recipients inbox. I can't tell you how many emails that I send get unopened and unread!

Publish a church bulletin on Sunday morning and it's chances of being read go down exponentially in relation to the more stuff and information you put in it.

It is not enough for the church "to be" communicating information...but rather the church's message and information must be communicated with:

  • Consistency
  • Excellence
  • A Variety of communication channels and mediums
  • And with Focus on a Clear and Concise Message


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