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First Impressions - Somebody Is Watching

Those who serve on a First Impressions team of a church (parking lot, greeters etc..) are some of the most important roles on Sunday morning. It is true when it's said that the sermon starts in the parking lot. But even though it's important, it doesn't always get the kudos and recognition as other more on stage roles may receive.

But just know, God is watching, and your work is done for Him, and to glorify Him. (Col 3:17)

Potential - First Impressions from Flamingo Road Church on Vimeo.


This is good! True, and needed. Great way to capture the affects of our laziness and our not going out of our way for the gospel, with the "little things." Great clips. Need more, do more. Great Job.

Amunique-Sacramento, CA

thanks, appreciate your comment

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