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The Enthusiastic Need Only To Apply!

Considered one of the most innovative and best companies to work for today is Zappos.

Zappos has one of the most counterintuitive strategies toward building a company of excellence. Apparently the company famously offers $2,000 to employees who have just completed its training course … to quit! Turns out they save money long-term on "weeding out" people that aren’t enthusiastic in working for them.

Zappos is interested in creating the right culture.

As a church, you may have all the right technology, you may have great strategies, you may have charismatic preaching and skilled staff on your team...but if you haven't invested in creating the right won't succeed.

Zappos wants a culture of fun, enthusiastic and passionate employees. That is their culture, and they are unwilling to compromise.

What is your church's culture? What are you trying to create? I would suggest to you that it isn't just about hiring and keeping competent staff, but it's also about creating the right chemistry.

You want staff that are in sync with one another and the church's vision, not just interested in their own personal agendas and building their own kingdoms.

You want staff that are passionate about what they do.
If they didn't get paid, would they still do it for free (and yes, I know, getting paid a ministry salary is almost like working for free :-) )

Invest in creating the right culture - and be uncompromising in your effort!


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