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Blogging Ninja

3 Secrets to keep Blogging for life.

1. Know ___________ you are blogging?

2. You're the _________!

3. Make sure you're blogging on what you are ________________ about.

5 ways to Spark your Blogging Creativity

1. Be on the Look Out for ___________________

Image representing Google Reader as depicted i...

Google Reader (let's add blogs)

Google Alerts

2. You don't have to write prose/narrative/essay

a. Begin with a quotation

b. Offer a review

c. A "Top 10 List"

d. A synopsis of a breaking-news item

e. Discuss pros and cons to an issue

f. Say what problem you will solve for the reader and tell them how to do it

g. Pose a question

3. Write when the creative juices are _______________

4. Write a "_________" first draft

5. Take a break with your blog

How to Supercharge your Browser in order to Blog like a Pro

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How to Build Readership and Make Your Blog Stand Out from the Crowd

1. Ask your Readers ______________ /Respond to ____________

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2. Emphasize _________________ (Feedburner/Feedblitz)

3. Headlines

4. Track frequently ____________________________________ (

5. Be ______________

6. Get your own URL/Branding

7. Brevity is key, no more than ____________ words.

8. Link _______________

9. ____________________

10. Be _________________

The One Secret Most People Won't Tell You About Blogging


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