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Why Do People Leave The Church?

The Pew Forum recently published a survey on why people change religions from the tradition in which they were raised as a child. They have a handy interactive graph that shows why people switch to and from and in between traditions.

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Reasons Those Raised Protestant Leave Protestantism

How do people make such dramatic shifts in their life? Most likely people don’t wake up one day and suddenly say “no more church for me!” I suspect it is a gradual slide of dissatisfaction, alienation and quiet struggle.

How do we create an environment in our churches where people can be honest with their struggles and doubts and know that they will be loved and accepted while wrestling through them?

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I love the question you ask at the end of your post. The first time someone told me they didn't believe anymore I realised that I hadn't given opportunities for them to work through their doubts. Now I want to make sure that we create space for people to talk, be challenged by God's word and pray; we need to let down our masks and be willing to share our weaknesses as well as our good times.

I think the solution is in the opposite of "leaving the church"; "Church Growth". And Dag Heward-Mills has a whole book on this topic. With over 20 years of experience in ministry, with over a thousand thriving churches on 5 continents, he's definitely an expert on this subject. Be blessed! :)

Thanx John for the recommendation!

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