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Organize Your Life Through Your Phone

If you are like me, I live by my phone. I use it to check email, my calendar, the web and it has all my contacts. My daily productivity and organization happens through my phone. Also in my work, I am in the car a lot and I need to access and contribute information via the phone while driving. Unfortunately, texting and writing emails or adding events to my calendar while driving is terribly unsafe.

In order to do this in the past safely and effectively, I have used - a voice recognition application. was my most used application, in fact, I had listed Jott as one of my most used applications in the past. However, they have slowly transitioned from having all of their features for free to offering no features for free today. Because of this, I've needed to find other options.

Therefore, I have been looking for other free solutions and in the process have come across Dial2Do - and I love this new app.

"Dial2Do is a phone-service for drivers. It lets you send text messages, emails, reminders and access lots of internet services hands-free, by just phoning a number and speaking. Think of it as a kind of personal assistant that you can phone while you are on the move to get things done."

How Does it Work?

Signup at and we'll give you the phone number to call. Then for example, when you are driving or even walking along, you call that number and say ''reminder', and what you want to be reminded of. We'll convert what you say into text and email it to you so you don't forget. For other things, just say what you want to do 'email', 'listen to email', 'text', 'calendar' and so on.

They have about 30 things you can do with Dial2Do and the list is getting longer. You can completely personalize the list and the way the various services work. You can use Dial2Do to phone in your expenses, add events to your calendar, Twitter updates, listening to sports updates and more.


That's a good one. I was the same way. I was using Jott, until they started taking away the free stuff.

Keep in mind that Dial2go is in beta... the same way Jott was prior to charging.

Great looking application though...

Believe Tre, that thought has been on the forefront of my mind...I just hope they find a different business model than Jott and don't totally jettison any free options.

Beta shmeda! That's a great idea!

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