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7 Habits Of Highly Defective People

This list is borrowed in part from John Maxwell with a little addition from me...

Defective People...

• They have a losing attitude. People generally get whatever they expect out of life. Life can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you expect the worst, and that’s most likely what you’ll get.

• They quit growing. People are what they are, no change, no growth. Every day provides an opportunity and challenge to learn, grow and transform. If you are exactly the same person tomorrow that you were today, then you are not living.

• They have no game plan for life. As William Feather, author of The Business of Life says, “There are two kinds of failures: Those who thought and never did, and those who did and never thought.”

• They are unwilling to change. Some people would rather cling to what they have rather than embrace what might be better because they are afraid of getting something worse. Change is inevitable in life, resist it and you will be perpetually frustrated.

• They fail in relationships with others. People who cannot get along with others will never get ahead in life.

• They are not willing to pay the price for success. The road to success is uphill all the way. Anyone who wants to accomplish much must sacrifice much and work hard. There is no substitute.

• They are unwilling to risk. The only way to avoid risk is to do nothing, and that stifles growth and avoids opportunity. Be willing to risk, fail if necessary, learn and then risk again.

As a leader you must battle against those defective attitudes and behaviors. You must lead from a strong, Spirit-filled core -living in the assurance that "in Christ" you are fully loved and accepted. In Christ, there is no "real" failure. In Christ, there is real power to change. In Christ, there is real power to love others.


Brilliant. A great twist that is maybe more instructive than the original.

Great thoughts! It's very easy stop growing in ministry. Our schedules can near burst at the seams with the volume of commitments we make. But nevertheless, we must grow as leaders. And part of that is letting the Body do the ministry. Saying no and letting others use their spiritual gifts releases the pressure of an inflexible schedule.

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