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Free Starbucks Coffee

From tomorrow, 1/21, through Sunday 1/25, participating Starbucks locations across the U.S. are offering a free cup of coffee to people who pledge five hours of volunteer time to their community.

They have even set up a web site at that will have a list of community service opportunities.

Ultimately people don't volunteer simply because of a cup of $2 coffee, they volunteer because they want to help others and do something significant with their life.

Volunteers are motivated by purpose in what they are doing and a compelling vision. (see previous post that talks about Vision Being Their Paycheck)

But it always a good idea to provide a simple gift of thanks to those volunteering.

What are you doing to thank and recognize your Volunteers? Here are a couple of ideas:

Bring your volunteers, from a particular ministry, forward on Sunday morning to thank them.

Give a volunteer an opportunity to share a story of service on a Sunday morning.

Make a Thank You video about your volunteers and show it on Sunday morning. Show pictures of them in action serving.

Write them a thank you note. - And put a Starbucks gift card in it! :-)

Take them out for coffee, especially a volunteer leader, and personally thank them and encourage them.

Give them a gift around the holidays as a token of appreciation.

When you see a volunteer serving on Sunday morning (especially in the nursery), walk in and thank them for serving.

Do a Volunteer breakfast on Sunday morning before worship. Feeding volunteers is always a good thing. At these breakfasts, not only will you have an opportunity to encourage volunteers, but you can also re-fire the vision.

Encourage your volunteers by sending them a birthday card (or e-card) when their special day rolls around.

What do you do to encourage and thank your Volunteers? Comment below.


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