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Signs Of A Lukewarm Pastor

This list is from Craig Groeschel of All I can say is about this list is "conviction". These are great diagnostic questions to ask yourself as to the spiritual health of your relationship with Jesus.  I have been chewing on this list all week.

Signs of a lukewarm pastor:

Prays as much, or more, publicly than privately.

Is almost exclusively dependent on others’ sermons to preach than directly hearing from God.

Cares more about his church than The Church.

Preaches about evangelism but doesn’t practice evangelism privately.

Tolerates and rationalizes unconfessed sin.

Preaches for the approval of people rather than the approval of God.

Is overly sensitive to criticism.

Harbors bitterness and unforgiveness.

Reads the Bible to prepare sermons but not for personal devotion to God.

Is jealous or critical of someone else that God is blessing.


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