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The Key To Success!

Hard Work! Surprised?

In his latest book Outliers, author and pop-sociologist Malcolm Gladwell examines the forces behind successful people.

Throughout his book, Gladwell mentions several key factors such as mental and social competence, cultural upbringing, and pure luck. But in addition to these factors, Gladwell cites that fundamentally people succeed because they just plain work harder than others.

Gladwell mentions that 10,000 hours (which roughly works out to 10 years) as the magic minimum number required to reach world class expertise at any one particular subject or skill. In other words, 10 years is the tipping point for success.

Simply put, there are no shortcuts around pure hard work.

What if we as church leaders looked at our investment in others and ourselves in at least 10 year increments? How could that positively impact the church and it's mission?

Rather, too often we are too willing to only try something for a year or two and then just abandon it and move on. We get impatient, bored or begin to doubt if our plans and purposes are going to get any traction. But if you think about it, 10 years really isn't all that much time. Especially when you consider the thousands of years God has been patiently moving forward His kingdom work throughout the world!

Reality is most of us can attempt working at dreams with ten-year plans several times over within our lifespans. Are you willing to work hard and commit a decade to your plans?

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Just finished the book yesterday. I agreed with his bottom line and appreciated how he debunks the whole "all you need is a positive attitude" and "just by writing down goals they will happen" myths. But that being said, I did not think it was the groundbreaking word he claimed. Yes, you need to work hard...very hard. That is hardly new, is it?

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