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Your Online Brain - Evernote

We live in an information culture and therefore it is easy to get swamped and overwhelmed with it. How do you store it, track it, and easily access it? I don't know if you are still clipping or printing out articles and information and then storing it away in a filing cabinet - but if you are - please stop now! You need to get on board with Evernote. Evernote is...

like an online filing cabinet or even your online brain - built to capture and store information.

What makes Evernote so special is that you can clip information directly from your computer or your internet browser. Information is saved online or on your Evernote's desktop application. What is so cool about Evernote is that no matter where you save it (online or desktop) both locations constantly sync with one another. That way no matter if you are at your computer and offline or on another computer and online - you have access to the information. And with Evernote's mobile iPhone app - the access of your information is virtually ubiquitous.

Evernote captures all the important information I need. I can label it (tag it) and file it in a category if I choose. With Evernote's fully functional search capabilities, information is easily accessible and at my fingertips.

The biggest use of Evernote for me is capturing ministry information and illustrations that I can file away easily for a future talk or sermon. I have been using Evernote for about 6 months or so, and I am hooked.

Definitely check it out!

(this is not a compensated endorsement - I really like Evernote!)


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