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Leverage Media To Supercharge Your Website

Live video webcasting of sermons and church events, group conferencing, eSeminars, or online fund-raising was once taken on by only the largest churches and faith based organizations. Web Church Media is about to change all that.

Web Church Media has just launched a series of media modules that are easily embeded into existing church websites and require no programming or site redesign (just like embedding a YouTube video).

"It seems like the reformation always flies on the wings of technology", says Lance Ford, co-founder of Web Church Media and former pastor for over 20 years.

"Now that we are living well into a Web2.0 world, we have an opportunity to deliver our message and have it live on like never before. Our goal is to move from isolated rooms to live interactive spaces. The web helps us to network, engage and expand our reach. Through this process, we can re-image ourselves and Christian organizations, and ultimately act with greater purpose."

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