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Donor Tools

Want to connect with your donors online? Then you want to check out Donor Tools

Donor Tools has different price plans which includes a free edition. The free edition includes unlimited donors, online donations, donor sign-in, SSL security, and the ability to record up to 10 donations per month. For growing organizations, paid editions range in price from $15 per month to $60 per month. Pricing varies based on the number of donations that an organization needs to record.

Donor Tools offers Online Donations, which allows anyone to use a credit card to donate to the organization online. The cool part of this program is the Online Donations feature. This feature is available to all Donor Tools customers at no charge, even on the Free plan. If you have ever looked into online donations you know that that is a big deal!

With an unlimited amount of donors it means that every organization, even those on the Free plan, can import their entire donor database right away to get started. There is never any additional charge based on the number of donors in the database.

Other valuable features include Donor Signin, which allows donors to sign in to organizations to check their giving history and print donation receipts, Quickbooks export, which provides easy integration with Quickbooks accounting software, integrated thank-you emails, PDF thank-you letters, multiple users, tags, the ability to split donations among multiple funds, and more.

With Donor Tools there is nothing to install, and no software to maintain. The beauty is that it is Web2.0 with means that Donor Tools accounts can be securely accessed from any computer in the world with an Internet connection. Additionally, this means that there is never any charge for upgrades, and all upgrades and improvements are applied immediately, with nothing to install.

Definitely check out Donor Tools.


Hi, I wanted to give you an update on our pricing, since we've recently revamped our pricing structure.

Donor Tools is now only $30/month for everybody. We also have a free version for individuals and very small organizations.


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