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Big News!

This is probably one of the hardest blog posts that I've ever had to write. As of November 30th my relationship with The Vine Community Church with discontinue and I will no longer be serving on the staff and be a pastor at The Vine.

Certainly it has been a tough and difficult time having to leave a position with a church that has truly been a real "family" for me, my wife and children. Yet, the reason for moving on is necessary and pragmatic.

Currently our church desperately needs a person with different skill sets to fulfill several key roles and responsibilities at the church. These critical roles need to be filled before our move into our new facility in August. And because of the financial situation brought on by our economy, this situation is exasperated because there aren't enough funds to keep me on and bring another person onto the team-therefore I am being swapped out.

As you read this, would you pray for me and my family? And please add us to your prayer list during this time.

During this transition we are exploring and entertaining different opportunities that the Lord may put in our path and send in our direction.

Also, in the transition period, I will be leveraging my 20+ years of ministry experience and expertise to do some ministry consulting through my association with Ministry Best Practices.

Of course, I will continue to write at Ministry Best Practices sharing the best practices, innovation and strategies for ministry.


I'll be praying for you during this transition Bill!

Thanks I appreciate that...I know that you have had to go through your share of I know you understand

I made a complete career change 6 years ago now to leave the business world and head into ministry. There are unsettling factors at a time like this, but it can also be truly energizing. My interactions with you lead me to believe that this will be a dynamic time in your life. I'm anxious to see what develops for you and your family. In my prayers, brother!

Bill, I've appreciated your sharing of insights and your life on this blog - I imagine you've made a big impact on those close to you. You have my prayers and best wishes as you discover what exciting opportunity God has for you next.

I'll be praying for you, Bill. My family and I are just coming through the other side of a similar transition, so we know how difficult this is. Hang in there. The purpose to which God has called you is just as strong today as ever. Sometimes He just has to "tweek" it a bit to align us with an even greater manifestation of that call.

You've got tons to offer. A transition is just that...the step from one spot to something new. Putting you on my prayer list...

Sometimes it can seem that our lives are in the hands of people because people seem to make decisions that affect us so greatly. Not true. In spite of the decisions people make, the Lord is always at work in our lives, seeking our best, our greatest freedoms and fulfillment, etc. His transitions for us often seem like endings of sorts, especially when it comes to those things we might feel we had little choice in. But actually, He is at work beginning new things, re-calibrating our lives, etc. Most people serving in ministry can relate to your transition and we lift you up during this time.

@Mark -Thanks for your encouraging words and prayers - I really appreciate that.

@Rindy - Thanks for your prayers!

@Cynthia - I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. A book by Gene Edwards called the Tale of the Three Kings ( )really spoke well to the need to remember His sovereignty even though it may appear others are making the decision.

Wow, I've only recently been a follower of you here. We'll keep you and your family in our prayers!

I will be praying for you and your family during this time. It's been how many years? It's neat to see how God's been leading and is still leading you and your family.

Just started reading you blog today. Sorry to hear about your situation. I know how you feel.

@Heath - thanks for reading MBP and for expressing empathy on my situation.

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