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The Most Important Thing To Do!

Over at my personal blog Provocative Church, I posted an update and some reflections from a spiritual retreat that my wife and I took this past week in Asheville, NC.

The BEST -"best practice" in ministry that you, as a pastor or ministry leader, can do is to make sure that you are tending to and caring for your soul and spiritual health. Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

-When was the last time you took some extended time with the Lord just to listen and spend time with Him?
-If you are married, are you taking time to get away with your spouse for both personal and spiritual getaways?

It is important to break out of your ministry routine, spend extended time away with the Lord and learn to listen and hear His voice. There is always a reason not to do this - Busyness. So unless you plan it, put it in your schedule and tell others about it - most likely it won't happen.

Leading up to these times, it is often hard to walk away from my schedule, email and my ever growing to-do list. But afterward, I am always glad that I spent the time with my heavenly Papa and I wouldn't trade it in for anything in the world.


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