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Get Rid Of Your Announcements!

Get Rid of Them! Boy would I like to do that on Sunday morning. Announcements are one of the more challenging things that we have to do during our Sunday morning worship.


The announcements go toooo looooong!!!
They are delivered to bore people.
Nobody knows where in the service to appropriately put them.

Take a look at this sample video...

Granger Community Church does a 90 second video weekly segment is called The Feed,(something similar to the segment from Attack of the Show on G4) and is hosted each week by a different volunteer or staff leader who has spunk and a video-face.

What do you think of this idea? Do you think it would keep announcements crisp, precise and interesting?


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We were considering video announcements as well. Mainly because they can be controlled and made visually more appealing. However, we are a young church and cannot afford to be video driven at this time. What we did was to select only certain verbal announcements, intentionally place the 'announcements' just before the sermon, have the pastor share them and tell why each one fits our mission.

It only takes a few seconds to say, "Announcements are not throw-aways at Soma, and because we care deeply about equipping you and renewing our community, we have a couple ways that you can participate." We then share a tease for each and tell them to check their bulletin for more info. If it is advancing the mission, and not just fluff, it it gets the influence of the pastor and tied to the mission.

We live in a distrusting community that sees through fluff. We are not ruling out video in the future, but for us it is best used to tell a story visually that you couldn't be there for.

Thanks for the discussion.

Good thoughts, and it is important to attach the announcements with the mission - announcements can just be a laundry list of stuff that we want people to do.

i'm sure it's obvious if you watch it, but "the feed" is not 90 minutes. In fact, this one is only 65 seconds.
can you imagine 90 minutes of announcements??

oops sorry, corrected. 90 "minute" announcements, no wonder people were having a problem with them at our church! :-)

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