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I was visiting a couple of websites of churches that I used to have local partnerships with while with Campus Crusade. I wanted to see how their website design was going because I knew that they were in the middle of redesigning their sites.

What I found within seconds told me everything I needed to know about the church. And it wasn't positive!

All I found were Pictures of the Building on the Front Page (and throughout the site as well).

There were no pictures of the people in the church or of the community.

The pictures you use on your website tell me what you value.

When you use pictures of your building or church signs on your webpage...
  • You are telling me that you think the church is merely a building and not the people.
  • You are telling me that you value programs more than people.
  • You are telling me that the focus of the ministry is people coming to the building rather than God's people going out into the community.
You may not be intending to send those messages, but to me and many others you are. And this fact is unfortunate, because I know these churches that were using building pictures on their websites, and they are generous churches with a big heart for ministry. But unfortunately their website doesn't communicate that!

Put pictures of your people on your website, and make sure they are good pictures. Make sure the pictures are face shots and are candid photos (not posed). If you don't have those types of photos than use stock photography, but anything is better than a picture of your church building.


Amen. And we're not assured to always have the buildings anyway. Then what happens?

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