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Coaches Make Good Leaders

I asked him (my dad who was a coach) the other day what makes a good coach. Here were his responses:

1. First and foremost, they have to be great leaders. Players and other coaches want to follow them. They will make the tough decisions, and also have no problem surrounding themselves with other coaches who are more talented than they are.

2. Ability to motivate- they have enthusiasm, and are able to pull the best out of kids. They also create great camaraderie among their staff.

3. Create a great program- great coaches carry with them a certain aura; they are incredibly competent, but also have the “IT” factor. People want to be around them. Kids want to do their best for them, parents want their kids playing for them, the school embraces
them, and the community loves them. They create a winning tradition and other schools don’t like to play them.

4. Competent

5. Teacher at their core

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