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Battle Of The Church Signs

Enjoy this parody of how two churches choose to handle their differences, by battling with their church signs. (I doubt these are real because the backgrounds never change such as the parked cars, in fact someone pointed out that the signs came from a sign generator.)

Unfortunately too many of us really communicate like this with each other. We don't talk face to face or on the phone concerning hard issues, rather we take the easy way and simply shoot back and forth toxic emails.

If you got something hard or difficult to say, handle it biblically, with courage and in person, face to face (or over the phone if that's your only option).

And another ancillary point to be made from these signs- one of the common praises and affirmation we receive from people who come through our membership class is how impressed they are that we pray for other churches during our worship service. We pray for others because we want to have a Kingdom mentality and want God to bless others. And, unlike this parody of two churches feuding, we are not in competition with other churches. Consider praying specifically for a different church each week during your worship service.

Ok, let the battle begin (and have a good laugh in the meantime)!


I had to laugh when I read this post... see this post from two weeks ago

Still have me a laugh even after I knew how they generated the signs. Thing is, this dosn't make it any less real, and this is how some churches within the body communicate with each other, let along actual members. Great post.

Yeah, these signs have been making their rounds around the internet...even though they were fake, I thought they proved a good object lesson.

Oh my word. That's the funniest thing I've seen in weeks. I think I've seen something like that on Twitter... :-)

Thanks for sharing, Bill.

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