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Twitter Has Gone Ghetto

The Christian ghetto I mean.
Gospelr is a Christian rip off of the popular Twitter application.

Why do we (the church) feel compelled to take every great idea and copy it? (usually creating a copy that lags behind in quality or innovation)

Gospelr prides itself on being the world’s first “Ministry Microblogging” tool for those that want to share thoughts, ideas, words of encouragement, prayer requests, daily scripture readings, and oh so much more.

The company’s founder wants it to be more than a Christian Twitter, though. Beyond being a place where people can chat it up about ol’ JC, the company wants to be the place to-

“share the Gospel with those that have already heard the Good News (because we all could use a good reminder… daily!) and those that have not.”

Personally, I see no need in using a Christian version of an already helpful and ubiquitous service like Twitter. A service like Gospelr will only marginalize and create insular conversations among ourselves in the church.

Twitter is an excellent micro-blogging service that many key ministry leaders are currently using. It provides a light touch of connection for those who choose to follow your Tweets.

I use Twitter, and would encourage you follow me HERE.

(ht: Techcrunch)


thank you for this post. I COMPLETELY agree!!!

twitter: andrewseely

thanks, I knew that I wasn't the only one out here that felt this way.

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