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Top Ten Reasons Why Volunteers Serve

From Don Simmons about why volunteers serve:

  • Someone asked them (93%) 
  • Compelling need 
  • Personal connection 
  • Gratitude for being served 
  • Spiritual/ religious beliefs 
  • Social needs 
  • Job skill/ resume’ development 
  • Guilt 
  • Boredom 
  • External influences (family members, influential leaders, advertising) 
People serve because of relationship. Come, let's do this together. That motivation outstrips the motivation of "compelling need". Therefore a personal invitation is a lot more effective that an announcement from the platform telling people about the BIG need for volunteers.

Are you inviting people to serve with you. Do your own volunteers see it as their role to be relational connectors to get others to serve?

(ht: L2)


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