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The Quench Project

What is The Quench Project?

Buy some quality Media, and do Good.

The Quench Project is a collective effort among Christian filmmakers to save lives by building clean water wells in Africa. These filmmakers have each donated one (or more) of their finest media pieces to the formation of a compilation DVD. This DVD is currently being sold to local churches for use in their worship services. 100% of all sales will be donated monthly to Living Water International, a non-profit organization that has been building clean water wells for seventeen years (

What’s on the DVD?

11 Best-Selling Mini-Movies
26 Stills
22 Motions
1 Living Water International Promo Video
1 Vibe video
1 Christmas Series video trailer

Worship Films: “How Good”, motions, and stills
eleven72: “This Year” and “Jesus Is”
Igniter Media: “The March of the Unqualified”
eight20eight: “That’s My Money”
Beamer Films: “Evangelism: Here I Am Lord. Send Me”
The Work of the People: “Shine Your Light”, and “LWI Promo”
Restoration Videos: “This Hand”, motions
FortyOne Twenty: “It is Finished”, motions, and stills
Visual Reality: “Alex”, motions, and stills
Organic Videos: Motions and stills
Highway Videos: “Sin” vibe video
Midnight Oil: “Follow the Star” Christmas Series video trailer
Floodgate Productions: “The Gift of Worship”, and stills

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