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Powerpoint Presentations That Will WOW Your Audience!

Powerpoint presentations are the most overused and over-abused tool of a communicator. Too often powerpoint bogs down the presentation or overwhelms and distracts the audience.

Here is a great video from Garr Reynolds of how we can learn about great presentation from just looking around in our environment. In this case, IKEA sets the bar high.

"Presentations are a 'glance media' — more closely related to billboards than other media.... Ask yourself whether your message can be processed effectively within three seconds. The audience should be able to quickly ascertain the meaning before turning their attention back to the presenter." — Nancy Duarte

(make sure to check out Nancy Duarte's book, Slide:ology)

If you are going to use powerpoint (or keynote) then use it WELL or don't use it at all.

Here are Garr's 8 lessons from standing outside an IKEA store which will aptly translate into your next powerpoint presentation:

(1) Make it visual
(2) One slide, one point
(3) Make type big
(4) Contrast rules
(5) Don't be afraid to bleed
(6) Rule of Thirds
(7) Empty space
(8) Have a visual theme

(Read more about these Lesson's from Garr's site, PresentationZen)

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